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How has STEM Education impacted students across the nation?

Survey: Educators aren’t discussing STEM careers with students

February 25, 2010: Students say content is interesting, but teachers don't promote career options.

Students Can Build Digital Cameras, Focus On Science Lessons

January 21, 2010: Columbia University is spearheading a project to get students worldwide to construct digital cameras while learning sophisticated lessons about science, art and culture.

Kits help first-, second-graders at Shadow Oaks Elementary get hands-on lessons

January 11, 2010: A pilot program in four classrooms at Shadow Oaks Elementary is getting rave reviews from teachers and creating a lot of excited little scientists.

Two sides of the ocean; one climate plea

December 11, 2009: D.C area students hold own conference with peers in Copenhagen.

Teachers calculate value of games at math workshop

December 2, 2009: Nanci Smith, a full-time consultant in the areas of differentiated instruction and mathematics with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), has been working with teachers on differentiated instruction since the beginning of the school year.

'Mr. G. Science Show' stops at Great Falls middle schools and gets students jazzed up about science

November 30, 2009: Most middle school students agree that physics isn't necessary the most exciting subject, but when you throw in a few lasers and the music of Kanye West and Taylor Swift, you've got a room full of interested teenagers.

Engineering takes its place in Derby schools

November 23, 2009: The Derby school district is leading the Wichita area in providing state-of-the-art engineering classes in middle and high schools, and it will lead the nation by being the first to offer the engineering classes at an elementary school.

Creating a learning environment

November 23, 2009: The long-neglected grounds of a D.C. estate are spruced up and opened to the public.

Belmont science teacher heads to South Pole

November 16, 2009: The 37-year-old will spend about a month at the Earth's southern tip - a place too cold and dry even for penguins - to see science up close and share the experience with his students.

Teaching Girls to Tinker

November 11, 2009: Why aren’t girls choosing to enter these critical fields of the future? Here’s another explanation: Girls don’t tinker.

Agriculture is a growing field at city and suburban schools in Texas

November 9, 2009: Agricultural science education is thriving in unexpected places: the state's urban and suburban school districts.

Cellphonometry: Can Kids Really Learn Math From Smartphones?

November 2009: Schools are partnering with mobile-phone companies to help kids conquer math. Are smartphone-learning initiatives more than a corporate gimmick?

Biotechnology class a grand experiment at Glacier Peak High School

October 20, 2009: Students will study cancer, AIDS — even swine flu.

Students give math a bit more thought

October 19, 2009: 'Reasoning,' 'sense-making' at the center of lessons as teachers focus on relevance.

Blackboards 2.0

October 19, 2009: Baltimore area schools are going online to use wiki as a teaching tool.

Students to get more hands-on with retooled science curriculum

October 3, 2009: Science class could get a lot livelier for public school students in the not-too-distant future.

Berkeley High School to open yet another academy -- for green energy

September 30, 2009: The city's 3,200-student high school will open a green energy academy next fall — a math, science, technology and engineering-heavy program funded by PG&E and the state Department of Education.

Auto shop and other industrial arts slated for a comeback as 'green tech'

September 30, 2009: In the Seattle Public Schools, the industrial arts, long out of fashion in the push for academics, may make a comeback as "green tech."

Science, math in vogue at Hughes

September 29, 2009: Four freshmen in science class at the new Hughes STEM High School debated last week how to design a small wooden car so it would win a race.

Want Better Thinkers? Teach Kids Engineering Along with the Three Rs

September 23, 2009: Says NAE: “Engineering might be called the missing letter in STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] education.”

Arithmetic Underachievers Overcome Frustration to Succeed

September 18, 2009: Math test scores soar if students are given the chance to struggle.

McKeesport Area's AIMS program starts its second year

September 10, 2009: To push students in the Academy in Math and Science program to think like scientists, the McKeesport Area School District is helping them to look like scientists and equipping them with laptops.

Panel Urges Engineering Be Added to Curriculum

September 8, 2009: Engineering studies, or lessons on how products are designed and built, have the potential to bolster student engagement and understanding in math and science, despite the topic’s relatively modest and undefined presence in the nation’s schools.

North Allegheny school board gets look at how to keep up with 'digital learners'

September 3, 2009: Students using iPods for school work, elementary classrooms containing digitally "smart" tables, and administrators "tweeting" on social networking sites such as Twitter are just a few possibilities of what the technological future holds for North Allegheny schools.

Back to School/Do the Math: Counting too much on calculators

September 2, 2009: Forty years later, educators still debating their proper role.

Back to School/Do the Math: Latest 'new math' concept: Start early and make it fun

August 30, 2009: First of a series.

Opinion: TUSD is wise to enlist experts on technology

August 28, 2009: Our view: New committee should help district maximize spending to benefit kids.

Transcript: Teaching Innovation

August 27, 2009: Segway inventor Dean Kamen highlights the flaws in American science education.

U.S. students behind in math, science, analysis says

August 25, 2009

Editorial: Results show math, science aren't out of reach

August 24, 2009

Virtual 3-D lab aims to stimulate learning

August 24, 2009: Baltimore County school -- working with Johns Hopkins and private industry -- launches Virtual Learning Environment for STEM.

Cleveland STEM High School's freshmen start classes at Great Lakes Science Center

August 21, 2009: Cleveland's MC STEM High School is a no-nonsense, year-round operation. But the new home of its ninth grade comes with a vacationer's view.

Schools just keep getting SMART-er

August 20, 2009: Use of technology still expanding.

Real-world learning

August 12, 2009: Local green education is staying out of the red.

NAEP Draft on Technological Literacy Unveiled

August 11, 2009: A discussion draft of the framework for the national assessment of technological literacy, the first to gauge students’ understanding of and skill in using a range of tools, has been presented to the board that oversees the testing program.

Moodlin’ through class

August 10, 2009: Locust Grove freshmen first to receive Netbooks.

Life Force Arts & Technology Academy charter school plans eclectic mix

August 7, 2009: Where students are taught to read and write English at the same time as they learn to read and write music, the Life Force Arts & Technology charter school seeks to integrate performing arts and technology for students in grades K-3.

Students help program science computer game

August 6, 2009: Students help program science computer game 'Immune Attack 3.0'--a fantastic voyage through the human body--features modeling by D.C.-area middle and high school students.

Online program connects Idaho students, NASA

July 31, 2009: Idaho launches a Science and Aerospace Scholars Program for students nominated by state legislators.

Curriculum Matters: Patterns in Studying 'STEM'

July 31, 2009: New statistics on the impact of STEM Education released in a report by the National Center for Education Statistics.

South Park students take a new look at nuts and bolts

July 30, 2009: Local students give up a week of their summer vacation to take a new look at jobs in manufacturing.

Washington Board of Education's new rule adds up to smart change for math

July 22, 2009: An overdue revision by the Washington state Board of Education means middle-school students taking high-school-level math won't have to repeat the math course in high school.

Let retiring 'Boomers' transform schools

July 22, 2009: Millions of accomplished Baby Boomers could drag education into the 21st century – if our schools could just manage to accommodate them.

ISTE urges tech training for future teachers

July 16, 2009: As the FY10 budget process unfolds in Congress, ed-tech advocates want funding for a new grant program for pre-service teachers.

Teacher to help increase youth interest and safety in science and math

July 16, 2009

ED: Blended learning helps boost achievement

July 14, 2009: Meta-study concludes students can benefit greatly from online learning -- and blended learning environments appear most effective.

Technology helped boost St. Lucie student achievement, study shows

July 13, 2009

Tech in Schools: Federal Cuts Sow Concern

July 12, 2009: Educators worry that the long-term burden of tech programs will fall on cash-poor states and districts, but an Obama tech-ed point man says help is on the way.

Students tackle podcasting in summer class

July 8, 2009: The high-tech form of communication can help motivate some students, teacher Angela Williams says.

Students tackle podcasting in summer class

July 8, 2009: The high-tech form of communication can help motivate some students, teacher Angela Williams says.

Young scientist wins out-of-this-world honor

July 8, 2009: "If you want a minor planet named after you, there are two ways to boost your chances."

Youths plunge into serious study of DNA at advanced UA laboratory

July 7, 2009: Longtime scientists showing the ropes to summer interns.

NRC Urges Greater Focus on Preschool Math

July 6, 2009: The National Research Council highlights the importance of teaching mathematics at the pre-school level.

Is that edible? Rowland Hall students apply scientific method while cooking

July 1, 2009: "In 'Edible Science,' -- a week-long summer course taught last week at the Salt Lake City school -- the emphasis wasn't so much on creating gourmet dishes as on understanding the science behind the cooking."

Stimulus funds assist university research in Sacramento, Davis

June 30, 2009: Stimulus funds are used to provide science teachers with opportunities to work in university-based research labs. Participating teachers plan on incorporating more advanced science instruction into their classrooms this fall.

Nurturing a love of math, sciences

June 29, 2009: STEM programs foster teachers who light a spark in young.

A pilot program brings math into the real world

June 23, 2009

Rolling science labs bring tools, inspiration to youngsters

June 9, 2009: Inspired by a bloodmobile, Carl Franzblau created mobile science laboratories to expose more students to hands-on science education.

Pine Grove Elementary School students write cookbook, Nature Coast Technical High culinary students cook their recipes

June 4, 2009: In the Family Recipe Project, fourth-grade students combine social studies, writing, technology, reading, research, speaking and presentation, math and science..

Students learn skills rehabbing Phila. houses

June 1, 2009: Students from Bok High School, a vocational school in Philadelphia, learn real-world skills as they rehab row homes in an after-school program..

Robotics program piques students' interest in science

May 25, 2009: Cal Poly Pomona engineers help fifth- and sixth-graders build and program robots for sumo-style competitions. Educators say the hands-on program shows math's relevance and makes learning fun.